BeatifyMed solves the daily challenge by providing a unique combination of services and technologies that significantly improve your practice’s operating efficiency and profitability. With our up to date and competitive mental health claim recipient companies, you’ll enjoy the feature provided.

Medical Billing Services

payments to enable us to post those payments you have received. At the beginning of every month, we will e-mail to you 4 basic reports that reflect the past month activity: A/R, cash receipts, sales analysis, and a rental analysis report. Your patient statements will also be e-mailed to you at the beginning of each month. We will invoice you monthlyfor claims paid to you in the previous period.Our goal is to process clean claims the first time. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. You can expect payment on the majority of your claims within 30 days.Medical Billing ServicesWe provide complete medical billing solutions for your practice including practice management consulting. Since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our Medical Billing Services to meet your individual needs.We have the ability to remotely access you current database, working in real time with your office staff, and we do offer a practice management system for you practice, if needed. This also includes all or some of the following services, depending on your individual needs . Data entry – we obtain information from the provider and/or practice and enter this informationinto the practice management system.File claims – The vast majority of claims are transmitted electronically, however there are a fewthat must go on paper. We file all of your claims without adding a clearinghouse and/or postage expense back to you.Statements – Statements are mailed out from our office on behalf of your practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collection are done specifically to your specifications. The provider and/orpractice will continue to control this function of the billing without having to spend the time to prepare thestatements or the business expense of the postage. All statements will have the practice and/or providers name and address on the statement

Patient Management Service

Patient statement billing and past due recovery/collections Advanced Billing Solutions medical billing services sends out patient statements monthly. We send reminder statements 30, 60 and 90 days from the original mailing if payment is not received. Your patients can call us directly with their billing inquiries so your staff has more time to focus on providing care instead of unnecessary distractions.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Physician Documentation:
This is where revenue cycle management begins. We work very closely with every practice to establish documentation protocols for accurate case submission. This critical process facilitates clean, compliant claims that decrease your compliance risk. Patient Data Collection:
We establish practice driven communication to seamlessly import patient details into our anesthesia specific software. We continually verify and update patient information with the facility, patient or surgical offices to ensure an uninterrupted billing process. Charge Capture and Entry:
AAPC Certified coders with anesthesia specific training, code your cases for maximum unit values. We perform charge review analysis – a second level review of physician documentation – for every case to validate the accuracy of data capture and support each code capture. Physicians receive charge entry reporting to easily view the units, modifiers and reporting time on every patient account. Claims Submission:
Our claim submission is strategic and based solely on your contracted carriers and patient population. We submit clean and compliant claims and then follow up with aggressive denial management. Appeals:
Claims appeals submitted by PBS are written by seasoned billing professionals. Our appeals are patient and claims specific, not prefilled auto-appeals offered by third parties.

Credentialing/Re-Credentialing and E-enrollment Management (EDI/ERA/EFT)

Physician credentialing, or provider contracting is the process of becoming contracted with insurance companies so that the medical provider can accept third party reimbursement for healthcare services. The importance of being credentialed with insurance companies has become extremely important to the success of any clinical medical practice. Patients are faced with higher premiums to the insurance companies in order to have health insurance, which forces them to seek providers that are in-network with their health plan. All of which can be extremely important depending on the geographical location of you practice. Outsource Management Group is a full service credentialing company providing services to all new and relocated providers in any medical specialty nationwide. We can credential you with the insurance carriers and networks of your choice.

Technical Support and Client Services

Our mission is to facilitate the healing work of health providers by increasing their financial profitability, personal freedom and information security with the web-based software/ billing service. We offer a full range of services based on your needs and invite you to contact us for additional information.